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Navigator Vehicle Mount for Laptop Computers

Pro Desks introduces the new Navigator vehicle laptop computer stand, a perfectly designed mounting system for all types of vehicles.

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Pro Desks Navigator

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Pro Desks Navigator Vehicle Laptop Mount Fits:

All F Series Pickups

All GMC and Chevrolet Trucks

All Dodge Ram Pickup

Toyota Tundra & Tacoma

laptop truck support



Ford F 150

Ford F 250

Ford F 350

Ford F 450

Ford F 550


GMC / Chevrolet

GMC / Chev 1500

GMC / Chev 2500

GMC / Chev 3500

Tahoe - Suburban








Nissan Titan

Nissan Frontier

Hummer 3

Chevrolet S10

Chevrolet Colorado

GMC Canyon

Dodge Dakota

Lincoln Mark LT

Honda Ridgeline

Toyota 4 Runner






navigator truck deskPro Desks Navigator is the perfect laptop vehicle mount for people who need to work in their vehicles.

The desktop, where the laptop sits accommodates all sizes of laptop mounts, notebooks and tablets. With its outstanding features, people will find it most convenient when using in vehicles as a stationary mobile office.

 You can adjust the laptop to your desired position perfectly and it will fit any size of laptop for a firm and positive grip by using the one-size-fits-all desktop cradle which has a raised front lip and two rear pressure brackets.

 The Navigator is an advanced vehicle computer mount which can swivel front to back, allowing you to adjust the keyboard position.

 With a thin strap design, you can open or close the laptop screen and not wear the hinges. The strap is adjustable so it can attach over the laptop above the keys and below the lid hinges without blocking ports or drives.

*Notes* - You will experience no noise, no rattles when using the Navigator. The base of our Navigator vehicle desk is very stable side to side, from front to back. It is an ideal solid vehicle computer desk and totally safe while you are moving. Although this base does not drill into the floor - the two base adjusting bolts have round flat bottoms that simply brace against the carpet/floor of the vehicle which then creates tension against the seat bolt rail system, locking it in place securely and supporting the desk system.

Exclusive Vehicle Desk Navigator

navigator truck mount- Vehicle Desk Navigator - this is the best deal for mobile professionals and laptop/notebook users in a vehicle as the design meets all users’ needs:

- This Navigator vehicle laptop stand does not drill into the vehicle but uses the seat rail mounting system with an ergonomic design, the desk is a multi-adjustable extendable desk

- The pedestal base can attach to the front passenger seat bolts for a custom fit with no vehicle modifications.

Prodesk Navigator - fits securely and holds any size computer

navigator truck mount- You can adjust the angle and position infinitely as there is a rotational ball socket directly below the desktop. This is the most ergonomic mount in the industry. There is another of the ball sockets directly on the base with a 45 degree upper pedestal. This allows you to find more positions with this desk than any other desk on the market. It also can move closer to the driver than any other set-up available.

- there is a single adjustable strap wraps over the notebook above the keys, below the hinges and does not block ports, drives or keys. Because the strap is thin so it is possible to open and close the screen without causing stress on the hinges.

- This works well for those 19' widescreens as the sides have no edges, and we have a smaller top for Netbooks as well, an 11' wide unit for situations where a smaller computer is used.

*It is a silent laptop mount, no annoying rattles or cables*

Full shock absorbing and passive cooling

navigator truck desk- Designed with four rubber shock pads on the desktop, it helps to raise the laptop off the desktop and provide passive air flow and vibration dampening. This is added protection for the hard drive.

- You can operate this desk with a passenger, it will not interfere with the passenger, the passenger can also operate the laptop by setting the position to accommodate them.

- Height adjustable main rod allows you to bring the desktop position up or down depending on your situation.

- In addition, the unique pivoting base helps the vertical stand to shift over tightly to the center console, it also means that the passenger will have more leg room. Competitor mounts are built to come straight up which may impede the passenger space.

- this offers considerably more leg room for the passenger than the old technology competitors so it is a great solution for you.

The Flexibility - you can use the laptop from the drivers seat, passenger seat, or even outside the passenger door

truck desks- You can access the laptop from outside the passenger door by using quick and simple adjustments. This is great for contractors who need to illustrate designs or drawings on the screen, landscape, construction drawings, etc.

- It is a very productive product for you and your staff and it can save time and increase the productive time on the job site. You’ll be able to enter data, look up a client, find a document much faster, easier, and safer.

- Ergonomics, we all know that using a laptop off the console is not the most ergonomic, this allows you to position the desk in the most advantageous location, with infinite adjustments

- Rotating ball socket allow for unlimited flexibility, you can rotate, tilt, angle, adjust to any position. This is the most ergonomic desk on the market today.

- There is no twisting, or back issues or any of the related stress to using this mount, take a look at the image to the left, it comes very close if needed.

Vehicle Laptop Holder - Navigator - Height adjustable pedestal helps to clear tall consoles and offers extended reach and unlimited positioning

truck laptop desks navigator- The Navigator laptop desk is very strong and offers extended reach to make sure that you can position the desk up and over the tall consoles in the vehicles.

- Prodesk designed this type of desk to exceed expectations and offer an ergonomic and stable computing solution.

- Customers can adjust the vertical height quickly and easily by using one ratchet handle.

- You can rotate the desktop 360 degrees, swivel, angle, turn and position the desktop in any direction you want by using the pivoting ball socket on the bottom of the desktop. This means that the keyboard will be at the spot you like most.

Installs without Drilling ( No Drilling Base Uses Existing Seat Bolt) Patent Pending.

truck desk navigator base- Made of rugged high quality materials, the Navigator is a very durable product.

- The seat movement or the passenger area will not be interfered because the custom designed base helps you to install this desk easily without having to drill or modify, simple hand tools is all that is required.

- The passenger space will not be affected at all because the Navigator base puts the rotating ball socket far over to the center console area, and then by adjusting the lean on the upright pedestal. The product works well in the following seat configurations:

Bucket Seats | 40-20-40 | 60-40 | And All Power Seats

* Special Note* This is an interchangeable seat rail fork design - which means you can move this to a completely different vehicle simply by sliding the fork of and putting the appropriate different fork on* Forks are 29.95 so moving this desk to another vehicle is very economical.

*Special Note* Please provide us with the Year, Make, and Model of the vehicle you are driving so that we can put the correct base plate in with the order. Thank you!


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