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Dominator Locking Laptop Desk
The new Dominator vehicle laptop stand is perfectly designed for vehicles of all types. Theft prevention feature is included.

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Dominator Laptop Mount

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Pro Desks Dominator Fits:

All F Series Pickups

All GMC and Chevrolet Trucks

All Dodge Ram Pickup

Toyota Tundra & Tacoma

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The Dominator laptop mount for trucks has no competitors - it simply is in a class by itself. There are no other desks using this level of quality, workmanship, performance and durability.

laptop truck support



Ford F 150

Ford F 250

Ford F 350

Ford F 450

Ford F 550


GMC / Chevrolet

GMC / Chev 1500

GMC / Chev 2500

GMC / Chev 3500

Tahoe - Suburban








Nissan Titan

Nissan Frontier

Hummer 3

Chevrolet S10

Chevrolet Colorado

GMC Canyon

Dodge Dakota

Lincoln Mark LT

Honda Ridgeline

Toyota 4 Runner






Truck Desks Dominator

truck laptop mount dominatorPro Desks Dominator is one of the most advanced locking laptop stand for trucks currently available. It has been redesigned from the seat rail bolts up, to increase strength, improve the safety of your computer, and provide easy adjustments for widescreen laptops. The Dominator features the new locking top and locking top post, making it one of the safest mounting systems available. Your laptop will be secure everywhere you go. With this strong mounting system, you can leave your vehicle for a while without worrying about your laptop and also the desk being stolen.

The keyed knob system on both the pedestal upright and the desktop, both tightening knobs are lockable, which can secure your laptop and prevent it from a quick theft. Dominator is still the best theft deterrent system when you work on a construction site and want to leave the site just for a while. Added benefits of a locking top of course are in the event of a collision the computer does not come loose, it stays in the mount.

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Pro Desks Dominator Locking Laptop Desk

dominator truck laptop deskdominator truck mountThe Dominator vehicle laptop holder includes an adjustable top that will expand to a full 16.1 inches, which fits all 17" widescreens. The top is fully rotational, has our new gear mechanism tilt feature in the clevis mounting directly under the top. The new steel clevis features a gear mechanical tilt system that once you have the tilt angle you wish, allow the clevis to click into the gear, tighten the knob directly under the desk on the clevis to secure it. No longer will the desk tilt down in rough conditions.

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The Passenger Seat or Passenger Will Not Be Interfered

truck computer desktruck laptop standYou can operate this desk when you have a passenger; it will not interfere with the passenger seat movement, the passenger can also operate the laptop by setting the position to accommodate them.

Turning your vehicle into a mobile office could not be easier with this versatile laptop holder.

A high quality laptop desk such as the Dominator can provide years of rugged use. You can easily move this laptop mount from one vehicle to the next. Send us a note when you're in the shopping cart and we can get you another base no problem. The Dominator was designed for rugged commercial usage on a job site, in law enforcement, ambulances, construction and oil field usage. This laptop holder is also valuable for long haul truckers, delivery van companies, consultants and professionals.

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Dominator - An Advanced No-drilling Truck and or Car Desk

no drilling truck mountThe vehicle computer mounts desktop can swivel, tilt, turn, allowing you configure the position of your keyboard exactly where you like it.

Working on your laptop from either side of your vehicle is totally possible since there is a strong articulating arm allowing users to turn the mount from side to side. The telescoping pole size, the strong articulating arm together make the Dominator a powerful laptop desk.

The height adjustable main pole allows you to bring the vehicle computer desktop position up or down ensuring you a perfect fit. For larger consoles, you can configure the positions by bringing the articulating arm up and over.

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The Dominator computer desk is designed for serious applications

truck laptop desktruck computer deskUsing this advanced laptop mount, your laptop will be fully protected from bumps and vibration while you are on the road. The Locking Knobs you see in the photos are your adjustment locations, simply loosen one or all, swivel the desk into the desired position, retighten and lock using the key.

 The tilt mechanism is adjusted using ratchet gears instead of friction fit. All you need to do is pull the "T" knob out to disengage the ratchet gears and adjust the top to a comfortable angle, than push the shaft back in and tighten the "T" knob. This insures no unwanted movement of your desk top.

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Our Vehicle Computer Desks are Built For Police Use

truck laptop holdertruck desksLight duty laptop desks made by competitors will flop around in high speed situations or when slamming on the brakes, or extreme cornering. Our product will not. Our laptop desk was built for that extreme use and is the best solution for police use.

The Dominator laptop desk can withstand the toughest working environment; it is the best choice for rough use applications, construction, oil field, off road applications, field and job sites.

Installing this laptop stand is easy. You quickly assemble the desk system and easily install the custom designed base plate using the passenger front seat rail bolts, this securely mounts this desk for tough dependable service. The Dominator comes with an 28" height adjustment and it will swivel over any console, communication and radio equipment. The articulating Arm allows for operation outside the vehicle if required. With the use of this truck laptop stand, your laptop screen can close completely and securely. With the use of this strong laptop desk, your laptop will be protected from the bumps and vibration on the road.

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The Second Base Plate

dominator truck desk baseYou can change your trucks many times in life, but you only need to purchase this stable truck laptop stand once. Our durable laptop desk was designed for years of rugged usage and can be removed and re-installed into a new truck without any hassles. You may want a new base to fit your second truck.

A truck specific desk base plate is available for most trucks currently on the road, so when you order, just tell us the truck make, year, and seat ( bucket or split bench) and we'll send the right base plate. The image on the left shows a sample of base plate. Please note that this is an example only. Your base plate can look different since each base plate is vehicle specific.

We make base plates for the Dominator for most cars, and a wide range of SUV models, and also Cargo Vans. If your in doubt, email us we will let you know if we have the base available.

If you order a desk that we don't have a base plate for, we'll call you to discuss other options, but for the most part if your still driving it, we still make it. However, if by some outside chance we can't supply a desk we will return your money immediately.

truck computer standsYou can minimize the risks to your laptop by using our product. The Dominator truck desk comes with a shock control top which absorb the bumps and vibration on the road. This is a rugged professional grade tough desk, not to be confused with competitor light duty mounts that cannot withstand the tough conditions that this desk might be subjected to. This desk is designed to take the rough conditions that oil field workers, construction, contractors, long haul truckers and all that Public Safety personnel will put it through. Don't rely on light duty imitators, you can trust the Dominator Vehicle Computer Desk.

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Transport Mode

truck laptop holdertruck desksThe Dominator truck desk securely keeps your laptop while you are driving on the road. You can quickly switch the desk system to transport mode by lowering the pedestal, swing the articulating arm over top the post and lock it so that it is out of the passenger way and also the console area. The transport mode feature is what makes the Dominator stand out from the rest. Most competitor units don't allow you to close the lid or screen securely in a transport mode.

The adjustable desktop makes Dominator the perfect choice for holding laptops of all sizes, including the ones with wide screens. You can use this product no matter which laptop brand you have, including Mac.

You can still access your USB ports and drive bays using the side clamps of this laptop desk.

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