Pro Desks Dominator Purchasing Information

The Dominator is able to be configured correctly for a wide range of vehicles. It will fit almost all trucks, a wide range of cars, and SUV. Also Cargo Van and Big Rigs.

Now before purchasing there are a few things you will need to share with us, to assist us in configuring it correctly.

We need to know the following Information, and you will fill in the information on the next page of the order system, you'll see the area on the shopping cart page.

We need:

The Year

The Make

The Model

The Seat Type ( such as a bucket seat, or 40/60 split, or 40-20-40)

We then will put the correct matching base plate into the order to match the seat rails of your vehicle. Each vehicle has a custom base plate designed specifically to fit exact. Also, depending on the Make and Model, the height of the Dominator is different. For example a Ford F 350 Super Duty will have a different height Dominator than a Ford Escape SUV. So thus the reason we need the Year, Make and Model and Seat Type.

Dominator Accessories

vehicle laptop standThe Dominator comes standard with the following details:

Custom Base Plate, Adjustable Height Pedestal With Locking Knob, Steel Articulating Arm, and Steel Clevis, with Locking Adjustable Desktop and The Screen Stabilizer Arm.

However, you can order accessories that are custom made to enhance your mobile office.

Printer Mounts - ($159.95) - Both the HP Mobile Printer and Canon Mobile Printer - we can outfit the Dominator with a printer stand that will fit right onto the lower pedestal and be a custom fit for either printer.

USB Light -($19.95) - The USB light allows for use of the keyboard in low light situations illuminating only the keys

AC Inverter 400 Watt ($62.00) - This is a terrific addition to a mobile office, it allows you to power two regular plugs and a USB

Additional Base and Lower Pedestal - ($185.00) - You may want to use the entire desk in a different vehicle on some days, having a base and lower pedestal already installed in the other makes moving the desk simple - just pull it up out of the first truck, walk to the other and slide it in. 

When you proceed to the next page you'll have the option to add those items to your existing order.

Notes on Purchasing Payment Options:

1. Visa and MasterCard are set up to be taken directly as you proceed. Just continue through and you'll be able to enter either of those two card details to complete the purchase.

2. If you wish to use AMEX, or Discover, or additional payment methods, such as Debit Card, then Select the PayPal Button on the next page, Then Select Pay With Credit or Debit Card Option and it will allow you to use the additional methods.

3. Bill Me Later is available as well - this option is setup under the PayPal button, so if you wish to use the Bill Me Later feature, select the PayPal and follow through the instructions.

*Note* All Transactions will be processed under the parent company : UPPGROUP INC.

Dominator Laptop Desk

Price: $647.00

USD Funds

Freight: $23.00

No Taxes

purchase information 

Canadian, or Overseas clients please View Purchase Info Or Contact Us


Quotes and Volume Orders of 5 Desks or More - If you are needing a quotation to support a Purchasing request please email us directly and we'll send you a quotation for your requirements.

Volume Orders of 5 or more desks please email us directly as well and we'll work to ensure that the order gets processed correctly and expediently. or Toll Free 800-780-6029

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Dominator Desk
Dominator Desks

Dominator Laptop Desk

Price: $647.00

USD Funds

Freight: $23.00

No Taxes


Canadian, or Overseas clients please View Purchase Info Or Contact Us

Car Laptop Mount
Dominator Printer Stand

Printer Stand


USB Light For Dominator

USB Light


400 Watt Power Inverter

Thor 400 Watt Inverter


Additional Base and Lower Pedestal

Additional Base and Lower Pedestal

computer mounts