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Pro Desks is one of the oldest laptop desk firms online in the market. We provide laptop mounts and mobile solutions which can fit all vehicle models. They are quick and easy to install. These laptop desks will accommodate all models of laptops, even extra wide screens without any problems. The laptop mounts by Pro Desks are rugged, dependable and can be used in professional and commercial applications for years: Agricultural Firms, Utility Companies, Emergency Vehicles, Police and Law Enforcement, Insurance Adjusters, Construction Contractors, Oilfield, and more.

At Pro Desks, we have years of experience in the laptop mount industry. Skills, experience, knowledge. Our service is professional and we look forward to speaking with you.

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truck desk dominator

The Dominator laptop desk mount includes a high
security locking top and upper post. Designed
to be used under hard conditions.
The Dominator is widely used by construction
companies, oil field service and public
safety professionals.

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truck laptop desk mongoose

The Pro Desks Mongoose, is one of the finest
laptop desk mounts on the market. The Mongoose is
worth your investment. This is a very
professional laptop computer mount, finished extremely
well and has more features than any desk
currently available.

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truck desk enforcer ii

Turning your vehicle into a mobile office could
not be easier with this laptop computer mount. A high
quality laptop computer mount like the Enforcer II can
provide years of rugged use. You can easily
move this laptop mount from one vehicle to
the next.

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truck computer desk extreme

The Extreme is a rugged professional grade computer mount,
not to be confused with light duty mounts
that cannot withstand the conditions that this desk
might be subjected to. Extreme Truck Desk is
designed for rugged usage.

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truck desk navigator

The Navigator laptop computer mount causes no noises, no
rattles. This is the only silent desk on the market.

This comes with a seat rail or a floor mount system.

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vehicle laptop desk pro desks news

In this section we provide news and information
on all of our vehicle laptop desk mount models:
Navigator, Dominator, Extreme, Enforcer II,

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